Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From Our Blocks

"From our block" is a series of landscape photographs taken for a photo competition "Our Landscape" organized by the Nation Museum of Singapore.

In lieu of the grandeur vintage point and panoramic perspective offered from the top of an executive office tower, tourist attraction and extravagant condominium and estate, these photos are taken from the corridors and stairwells of HDB public housing flats. which housed 80% of Singapore population of all classes and race. Standing from these public and unrestricted vantage point, anyone could relish these views.

The portfolio contain a number of photos (of which 8 are selected and archived by the museum), taken within a month long period of GoogleEarth-ing and HDB-Hopping. One could follow the address stated in the photo captions to enjoy in person the same view as these photos depict.

From Our Block 02
Blk 33 Marine Crest

From Our Block 01
Blk 653C Jurong West Street 61

From Our Block 04
Blk 255 Bangkit Road

From Our Block 05
Blk 200 Jalan Sultan

From Our Block 03
Blk 97A Lakeview

From Our Block 06
Blk 195 Punggol Road

From Our Block 07
Blk 92 Pipit Road

From Our Block 08
Blk 88 Telok Blangah Heights

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