Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cosplays event to Cosplay Photoshoot

From taking cosplay during event day itself to cosplay private shoot at location. Is it considered a graduation?



Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out of Character


Out of character (OOC), a cosplay lingo that means not being into the character that the person is cosplaying. In other words, any expression or pose that is interpreted to not be what the manga/anime/game character will be, while the shots are being taken.

Most often, having fun, laughing, being themselves in front the camera is OOC.


This is Gin from the manga, Love Celebrity. Rich and most influential young master in the country. Able to have everything in the world (especially girls). Full of confidence. Always cool. Never reveal any weakness.

The scenario in the manga is about him breaking into a wedding hall and took back his girl who is about to be forced marriage to another person. From opening the church door with light shining from behind him, to snatching the bride, to crushing the rose and tossing it away exclaiming " I am as beautiful as roses, but i am as tough as the thorns."

The above scene will never happen in the manga.