Sunday, January 25, 2009

Untitled 01


why does she need to hold on to the handrail when she is sitting?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why this photo is taken


Gotten hold of a twin lens reflex.
Having fun handling the camera.
Excited about the square crop.

Saw this plant.
Reminded of Rinko Kawauchi's photo.

Friday, January 9, 2009

1/2 sec Dream of Chingay

A series of experimental photos taken at the rehearsal of Chingay Parade 09 yesterday. 

The parade is like a collage of performance and event. On one end, there are somersaulting Jesters, the other end, ladies wearing Japanese Kimono waving their fans, at the same time a famous local magician burns himself, and in the distance, local malay youth bang the drums (which reminds one of the street drum parade in france).

However, with events happening every moments, they are too distracting for one who tries to compose in his viewfinder. So Itismoi decides to see the parade selectively. He finds the colors and movements of certain dancers' costumes very captivating and surreal. They flung their flowing long skirts and sleeves as they spins and glides. The floodlight from the backdrop gives a random color flare and "dirties" the shot. The cloudless night sky makes a perfect dark backdrop.




Sometimes one is immersed in the colors




These 3 shots are inspired by Ninamika's senstivity to color. Her pictures are much more than photoshopping and mixing of the correct color scheme. It will be a constant exploration for Itismoi.


More photos here.

"It is better to take photos of the rehearsal than the event day itself."
This is not the beginning. Has many photos yet to post and many more to come.

Anyway, Happy 2009!

Happy 2009
Fireworks at Marina Barrage (as if it was identifiable).  Itismoi was using his brother film camera with a half loaded (or half finished) film. Only one exposure was taken in the whole event and little did he know that it was a black and white film.